Monday, April 11, 2011

Mandala: Motion, Movement, Effort, and Energy That Comes Full-Circle

A mandala is essentially a circle, or a sacred space with a center. Mandalas are traditionally used for meditation and practice because they are calming to the nervous system since they are symmetrical and cyclical. Try to think of a situation or an instance in your life in which you feel you have come "full circle," so to speak. While we commonly set goals as an intention for our yoga practice, we too seldom honor and celebrate the goals we've set and have already achieved. When you practice, try to think of an accomplishment you have made. Try to think of what you have completed, what you have done, rather than what may have been left undone or incomplete at this juncture. Think of something that you thought you would never overcome or pull yourself through, and you did! Try to carry that closure, that resolved attitude and perspective into whatever challenge or obstacle you may currently be facing.

Where you may be doubt, fear, uncertainty, insecurity, and worry, start to replace that with courage, confidence, strength, stability, and faith. Start to cultivate what is scarce and harvest what is abundant and established; rejoice, embrace, and celebrate what you have and this boundless beauty will infiltrate what you may not have or what may not have conquered... yet.

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