Thursday, September 29, 2011


Forgiveness is not for the person whom you are forgiving, it is for you. You do not need to carry around that negative energy. It will only weigh you down. And forgiveness is not just about saying "it's okay" to the person who we think wronged us. It is much more than that. It is about not thinking of yourself as a victim, and accepting and acknowledging that there is a good chance that whomever it is that you think hurt you did not mean to direct anything towards you at all.  We mistakenly believe that when somebody does something to us that is offensive or hurtful or negative that it is totally all about us. It often is not. This is the ego. Don't make it about YOUR ego. He did not do this to you, she did not do that to you. It may not be about you at all, it is about that person and his/her own "stuff." You do not have to take it on and make it yours. That's your choice. If somebody is giving you something negative like that, and you do not accept it, then who is stuck with it? They are.

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