Monday, September 26, 2011

The Magnitude of the Mind

Your brain and your mind are not the same thing, right? Your brain is the sensory organ, that which perceives precepts, by use of the senses, and it resides in your head. Your mind is that which puts its own spin on what you perceive, it is the concept. Where is the mind? You do not only have one mind; because it is possible to watch the thoughts. If you only had one mind, how could you watch the thoughts that inhabit that mind? Who is doing the watching? You have two minds. And they are constantly talking to one another. The mind does not take permanent residence in the physical body. It is all around you. And all of your thoughts have energy, yes? Some are denser (negative thoughts are heavier), so they will hang closer to the earth (they weigh more, which is why we describe them as "heavy" and "low"); and some are light and high (positive thoughts), making it more difficult to catch those and keep them. If your thoughts are energy and they are all around you, they have the power to affect you, your surroundings, and other people. This is why we teach "positive thoughts."

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