Thursday, August 18, 2011

To Be Present is To Express Gratitude

To be present is to express gratitude and fully enjoy those things which you love most. Simple things. Such as green leaves, blooming flowers, soft sand, sunshine on your skin, the bountiful and lively feeling that is in the air during the summer. These are the things we crave when we are stuck in the thick of winter (at least here in Northeast U.S.), right? So all throughout March, we're moaning and groaning, I can't wait until summer, I can't wait until summer... so not only are we are not present, enjoying the gifts that the end of winter may have to offer, but once the summer comes, do we appreciate it? Maybe in June. Once we are well into August, are we even here anymore? Enjoy the August sunshine, before autumn brings its rainbow-colored leaves, crisp air, farm-stands with pumpkins and roasted corn...

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