Monday, September 3, 2012

Giving Back Second Series

Morning me is clear and resilient, however, stiff and awkward throughout Surya Namaskara A. I only practice Full Primary Series today. I decided last night I am finished with this reckless attempt at Second Series -- even though many teachers and practitioners seem to believe I am prepared to begin Second Series. It is not that I cannot do the postures, or that I believe I cannot integrate them into daily practice. It is that I don't believe five months of Daily Mysore practice is sufficient. And more importantly, it is this: I still need healing. Yoga Chikitsa. My arms still battle me in every Upward Facing Dog, lift-up, jump back, jump through, and my lower back felt like it was being crunched in every back bend I took for the better part of the month of July and beginning in August, now feels like it is ripping in every forward bend. I have no business "cleansing the channels" when there is still so much physical and emotional baggage clogging and clotting my system.

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