Thursday, September 27, 2012

Return of Forearm Pain & still some lower back discomfort...

Yesterday and today, only did Half Primary because pain is returning. Two days ago, I felt more pain in my lower back, especially in Urdhva Dhanurasana. So yesterday I did a shorter practice, and only 3 Urdhva's from the floor instead of my usual 13-backbend routine at the end of practice. Yesterday I also began feeling a lot of discomfort in my arms again, specifically the right one. I have been super mindful about proper distribution of weight in my hands during Upward-Facing Dog, as well as jumping forward and jumping back from standing. However, because I still don't quite have the pick-up-and-jump-back (from seated), I am totally off on that. I have been reverting to old habits, collapsing to the outer-edge or pinky-finger side of the hand during the pick up. I lose connection to the base of the index finger all-together at times and that is what is producing this intense pain along the outer forearm or the ulna bone.

Today, I was more careful. Lower back felt better, as I took forehead down instead of chin down in all my folds. Also, no pain in Urdhva today, so I walked in to deepen in a little bit. As far as my arms, I really pressed into the area between the index and the thumb and felt a new level of activation in what I believe are my pectoral muscles. That pick up is so hard for me. I get myself up and feet through, but as soon as I start to lean forward with the head and shoulders before bending the elbows, my feet will just come crashing down to the ground. Getting that done properly is really key for alleviation of my ulna pain and also my lower back, I think. It may seem unrelated, but my theory on my lower back is that it is largely influenced by the imbalance within my hip joints. The ligaments of my hips have always been very loose and the external rotation that is possible there seems rather abnormal to me. I am convinced this has caused a lot of imbalance in the sacroiliac joint. The backbends also hurt my lower back before I knew what I was doing too, but I think that pulling-the-knees-into-the-chest "pick up" movement is so integral for me to strengthen the abdominal-pelvic region.

So I found this video today: Thinking I should integrate this into my daily practice...

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